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At the Centre for Leadership Advantage (CLA), we are proud to partner with Deakin University to support students studying their Master of Psychology (Organisational). As part of the degree, students are required to complete a number of supervised industry practice days. At CLA, our placement student program is designed to provide students with experience and exposure to the work we do. This aligns with our CLA values of Curiosity to never stop learning, and Energy and Drive to grow as a team. By supporting placement students, we are able to provide them with opportunities to grow, learn and set them up for success post-Master study. Equally, as supervisors, we are continually learning and developing our skills to assist students on their journey.

We have recently been joined by Karlyn who is completing her first placement with us. Karlyn has been working in training and development for a number of years and brings a lot of knowledge to our team. I sat down with her to find out how her placement experience has been so far.


What initially attracted you to CLA?

I was keen to pursue the placement offered at CLA because it was an opportunity to grow and develop within a new area of organisational psychology that I have not had exposure to or experience in. That is, specialising in leadership development and psychometric assessments. As CLA is a rapidly growing consultancy that has a number of products and services in ‘Developing Your Leaders’ and ‘Making People Decisions’, I thought it would be a great place to begin my placement journey. 


How would you describe our culture?

From my short time at CLA so far I would say that CLA is a team of enthusiastic, high energy individuals. The thing that really stands out to me is the passion and willingness to help develop others, whether that is internally within the CLA team or externally with the clients partnered with. CLA really practice what they preach! Everyone is really willing to help and go above and beyond. CLA seek to gain insight and truly partner with clients to drive excellence. 


In what way have you seen us living our values of Integrity, Curiosity, Practicality, energy and authenticity?

From what I have experienced, everyone embodies all of the CLA values. The value congruence between what CLA projects as an organisation and the people within the organisation is really clear. Everyone is driven and passionate about delivering practical solutions to meet the needs of clients. The team structure allows everyone accountability for key deliverables however always strongly advocates teamwork and support. The benefit of being in a smaller office is you can really build the connection with your peers and work collaboratively to drive success. Offering placement opportunities which enable students to embed academic learning into the workplace is a testament to CLA’s commitment to never stop learning and continued team growth.


What are you hoping to get out of your placement at CLA?

I hope to gain a greater understanding of what successful leadership looks like within different organisations and how to best support individuals within those organisations to develop. I would like to extend my understanding of how to design and deliver leadership development programs in line with psychological best practice. 


I’d like to hone my skills on how to translate the evidence and research into practical and pragmatic solutions that drive ongoing behaviour change. 


I also want to gain an in-depth understanding of how to use psychometric assessments to better understand personality and how this influences business decisions. I’m keen to develop and provide feedback. Explaining the tool in an easy to understand way. Gaining exposure to the delivery of feedback sessions (post 360 or personality assessment) in conjunction with coaching would also be a great opportunity.


What have been your biggest learnings so far?

I’d say that it has been the integration of psychology into the workplace and applying that knowledge that I have gained throughout my studies. It has helped me to further refine my current skills and grow as a facilitator (building on my experience in learning and training). It has also piqued my interest to learn more about personality assessments and build on that skill set to better understand how to use them to support the different client and individual needs.


We look forward to continuing supporting Karlyn on her placement journey and having her as part of our team for the next few months.

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