Hip hip hooray – it’s CLA’s birthday!

Who doesn’t love a birthday?!

It’s the time of year where we get to reflect on and celebrate all the awesome things that have taken place over the past year: what we’ve loved doing the most, the lessons we’ve learned, and the many people in our lives who have made it all possible.

This month, CLA is celebrating a birthday – our 3rd birthday – and we are PRETTY EXCITED about it!

It’s been a busy three years since February 2016.

In this short time, we’ve partnered with over 50 clients, designed and facilitated over 25 fully bespoke leadership development programs, and coached/assessed hundreds of executives currently in, or searching for, their dream roles.

We’ve also welcomed new team members, celebrated the arrival of 2 X CLA babies (with a couple more to come in the year ahead!) and even participated in a fun run or two.

In the spirit of reflection, the CLA team have thought long and hard about the last year in particular – what we’ve learned and how we’ve grown, the experiences that we loved and excited us, and the special team of people that we get to work with every day.

In our words, this is a year in the life of CLA…


Celebrating being another year wiser – What have we learned?

  • “Over the course of three decades working with, assessing, coaching, advising and cajoling  leaders from many of world’s most impressive  organisations I am still amazed by the challenges and complexity that high level leadership require. Change is happening and it’s happening at warp speed. I have in equal part been amazed by the capacity of the CLA team’s ability and readiness to align our organisational solutions to meet this need. I believe we have learnt much about the science of leadership in this past three years but most importantly we have been able to quickly and adaptively share this learning with our business partners and clients to assist them to meet this challenge of change.”
  • “The last year has been about learning the power of calm and taking a more measured approach to decision-making, activity and time management.”
  • “This past year has taught me the importance of investing in continued growth and development so we stay abreast of current trends and research. Oh, and I’ve also learnt that relocating to an office across the road from Haigh’s Chocolatier is a huge test of willpower (which is a mindset that I’m still growing!) 😉

Celebrating having spent another year doing what we love – what has brought us the most joy?

  • “Equal parts seeing the direct positive impact we have on our clients through the fantastic work we do, and seeing every person in our team stretch themselves to see how much they are able to achieve and develop.”
  • “I’ve really loved being part of a team where everyone’s perspective is heard and taken on board. Everyone has a voice and it makes it so easy to come into work every day! I’ve also really enjoyed the new and exciting projects that have come our way.”
  • “Sharing thought leadership, delivering keynotes and running masterclasses to diverse audiences across Australia.”
  • Everyday I come into the office I feel a mix of joy and anticipation. Everyday I leave the office I feel accomplished. It’s an honour to get to do what we do everyday, and do it alongside such incredible humans!

Looking ahead to our 4th birthday – what are we looking forward to most for the year to come?

  • “I’m particularly looking forward to watching and measuring the impact of CLA’s various  contributions to leadership within Australia.”
  • “We place great importance on the relationships we have with our clients, prospects, associates, alliance partners and each other. We grab hold of every opportunity with both hands and bring our best to each situation. I am excited about the year ahead and what this will mean for us as a business, as colleagues, and as friends.”
  • “Every new client, new project and new leader we partner with brings immense opportunity and challenge. I’m excited to welcome new members to our team, and to launch some brilliant new offerings to market. It’s going to be a great year”.

As for me, a relative newbie in my first year with CLA, I am most excited about being part of the journey and seeing our CLA family grow – both in size and experience. We’ve come a long way in three years, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us as we approach our 4th birthday. As the poet George Meredith once wrote, “don’t just count your years, make your years count”. Considering the year we’ve just had, we are definitely working hard to make good on this one!

So, happy birthday CLA!!! Here’s to many (many!) more to come.

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